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Studies have shown that schools that adopt a School Uniform policy perform better academically. This is a School's most important priority but in addition to improvement in academics consider some of the other reasons listed below:
School Uniforms:

Set a serious tone and environment

80% of Girls and 62% of Boys prefer School uniforms.

Identifies who the students are in your building and in the community

Enhances School loyalty, pride and equality

Reduces student conflicts

Students are more likely to follow school rules and regulations

Improves social outcomes

Reduces negative behavior

Stay the same unlike fads or fashion trends

Affordable to families

Removes distractions

Reduces violence and thefts

Are made to last

Reduces Cliquish behavior

Negates the identity with gang colors and culture

At Unique Uniforms, we works directly with each school to meet their needs and provide an individual “look” which encompases all daily wear items, physical education and outerwear garments. Unique is a “soup-to-nuts” company, controling all aspects of development and service.

Our design and product development department works year round incorporating fresh ideas into a practical and fashionable garment that provides not only comfort but a sense of style!

Unique has the technological resources to guarantee that every child will be in uniform on the first day of school.



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